• Feb 22, 2016
  • by Tomi Heard

According to a survey done by Nameberry’s, the most popular baby names of 2015 were Charlotte for girls and Ezra for boys.

We find it fascinating just how much names have come and gone throughout history, and yet many have remained with us since biblical times, like Ezra.

By the way 2015 was the first year Ezra laid claim to top spot as the most popular boy’s name, bumping another biblical name; Asher, to second place.

Charlotte is a beautiful name that has been around for quite some time, though not as long as Ezra.

The year 2015’s list of the most popular boys and girls baby names is a nice mixture of older and newer names, with influence from historic, royal, and biblical names.

Top 10 Most Popular Baby Names of 2015


  1. Charlotte
  2. Amelia
  3. Ava
  4. Olivia
  5. Cora
  6. Eleanor
  7. Isla
  8. Lucy
  9. Evelyn
  10. Penelope


  1. Ezra
  2. Asher
  3. Atticus
  4. Declan
  5. Oliver
  6. Silas
  7. Milo
  8. Jude
  9. Henry
  10. Jasper

    Well, is your child’s name on the list?

    If you’re expecting a child did you find any particular names that spoke to you from the top 10 most popular baby names for 2105?

    If not, maybe one from the hottest baby names of 2105?

    The 10 Hottest Baby Names of 2015

    Here are the top 10 hottest baby names of 2015 from Nameberry, which are compared to 2014 (shown as a + or – on side of name)


    1. Esme, +55
    2. Evelyn, +51
    3. Mia, +35
    4. Abigail, +32
    5. Luna, +30
    6. Chloe, +27
    7. Emily, +26
    8. Arabella, +24
    9. Ava, +23
    10. Anna, +22


    1. Kai, +55
    2. Austin, +53
    3. Lachlan, +50
    4. Graham, +47
    5. Everett, +34
    6. Theo, +33
    7. Elliot, +29
    8. Matthew, +23
    9. Lincoln, +22
    10. Axel, +21

    As you can see, both lists of the 10 most popular baby names for 2015 were diverse and sure to put some expecting parents fears to rest; after all their bound to have found at least one name they liked.

    But the end-of-the-day, it’s not we the parents who have to live with the name we choose for our children; it’s our children who have to go through life with their name, same as we do.

    Good or bad, and much as we hate to admit it, when choosing a child's name we must take the potential negative consequences he/she might encounter into consideration.

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