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At Turtle Toppy our mission is simple: to keep your baby comfy, cozy, and covered, indoors or out, rain or shine, while giving you some much needed piece of mind.

Our line of Turtle Toppy Infant Car Seat Covers and Stroller Covers are designed in-house by our mother and grandmother owners, with safety and comfort in mind.

They are great for parks, grocery stores, malls, restaurants, sporting events, picnics, the beach, the mountains, the deserts, and more.

They’re ideal for just about any place you take your baby.

Each car seat cover or stroller cover is designed to:

- Protect your baby from strangers getting in their personal space

- Protect your baby from bugs, especially mosquitos that may carry the deadly Zika virus

- Protect your baby from outdoor elements like direct sunlight, the heat, the cold, the rain and the snow, the dust and the dirt

- Protect your baby indoors where germs and bugs thrive

- Protect your baby from other children

- Protect your baby from animals and pets

- Protect your baby from spills

And each offers the following features:

- Designed and manufactured in the USA

- Made with 100% USA cotton

- Only convenient diaper bag all in one on the market

- 5 modern designs so parent and child look great while protecting baby

- Three different pockets for convenient storage of the essentials

- Three mesh Windows so your child never gets overheated or too cold while being able to see out clearly, meaning you can see your child just as clearly.

- Folds up into a pillow pouch for easy transport and storage

- Taggies and toy loop so your baby stays entertained

You can find our full line of infant car seat covers here and our full line of stroller covers here.

The rest of our product line

We’ve added new Turtle Toppy products to our line that will complement our infant car seat covers and stroller covers.

These new products are manufactured in the USA with the same materials, quality and care all of our products are made with.

Our new products include:

- Turtle Toppy Binky Blankets – For helping baby feel warm and safe with binky. Also helps keep binky in baby’s mouth. You can see our full line of binky blankets here.

- Turtle Toppy Buckle Blankets – Lap Blankets designed to keep secure to baby to prevent blanket from falling off baby at inopportune times, like while driving in the car. You can see our full line of buckle blankets here.

- Turtle Toppy Teething Rings – For soothing baby during the painful teething process while promoting healthy gums and tooth growth. You can see our full line of teething rings here.

We will be adding new products throughout the year as well.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about any of our products please feel free to contact us.